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Woodshed Pens – Review

Woodshed Pen Co. – Pen Review

If you have looked at fountain pens on Instagram you will no doubt have run across the simple yet beautiful work of Mike Allen, Owner of Woodshed Pen Co. Mike is a 10 year veteran of the United States Air Force who has devoted his skill as a machinist to the subtle art of fountain pen making for the last 5 years. His humble operation in South Carolina is based out of his garage where he turns pens from acrylic resins he makes himself, as well as those made by Jonathan Brooks of the Carolina Pen Company and commercially available resins. His pens are based off of a simple principle; a simple pen, that works well made from good quality materials. His no-frills attitude towards how he packages and delivers his pens assist him in keeping cost to a minimum for the customer, but that’s not to say that his pens are plain because they are anything but!


Mike makes one style fountain pen; it’s a short stogie of a pen with measurements to make it comfortable in the hand. I ordered one at first, but in less than a months time upped that order to 5! The fifth has yet to be delivered as it was a custom job and requires time to construct. But look at these beauties. Its no secret that a good quality hand turned pen is attractive, but these pens raise that bar and set it at a whole new level.

Pen Qualities

Aesthetics: They are gorgeous, acrylic resins offered from the understated greys to the bright firey orange, these pens are eye-catchers, no doubt.

The Weight: The pen weighs in at 20g. capped, and 15g uncapped. The pen does not post, is light in the hand but provides enough weight to know you are holding something special.

Measurements: This pen measures about 5 1/2 inches when capped, 5 inches when uncapped.

Ink Capacity: The pen is cartridge/converter fillable and comes with a standard international converter; providing a moderate 1.2 ml ink capacity. It is eyedropper convertible and when converted give you a substantial 3 ml ink capacity!

Nib: This pen comes with a steel Jowo nib unit installed, available in extra fine, fine, medium, broad and 1.5 stub. These steel nibs are widely available and have a great reputation for being well tuned and smooth right out of the box. The nib units are universal with other #6 Jowo nibs and can be easily swapped with your favorite Franklin-Christoph, Edison, Anderson Units or disassembled to insert your favorite Goulet Nib.

I can’t say enough positive things about this company, its owner or the pen. Mike works hard to make sure that each pen is his best work, and offers that if ever you find something wrong with your pen he will make it right. His work ethic and integrity are beyond reproach. His business model is such that it gives a great value to the customer, at a cost to himself.

If you don’t own a Woodshed pen the question you need to ask yourself is why not? Because there are simply no reasons not to love them! You can reach Mike on Instagram here: @woodshedpenco, or contact him via e-mail at

A great quality writing instrument, simply made. No question about it.

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