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TWSBI 580-AL Rose – Pen Review

TWSBI 580-AL Rose

This pen has a special significance to my fountain pen journey. Those of you who have read my “about me” tab will know what I mean. For those who do not, in short, this is the pen that made me want to use a fountain pen. The TWSBI 580 was such a different look than anything I had ever seen, and I Loved It.

It’s funny how we judge the value of certain things. I can spend $150 on a Lamy 2000 no problem, but when it came to the TWSBI 580, something always held me back. It must have been that I was waiting for this edition because I haven’t allowed it to leave my side since!

This pen came to me from in St. John, Indiana. The owner, David, started out turning pens from acrylic and wood, and now has a thriving business that keeps its grassroots in hand-turned pens but also allows you to get your hands on more mainstream pens such as Conklin, Monteverde, and TWSBI. He also sells Ink and paper for the novice and experienced writer alike. I highly recommend them, for their customer service, and small-town shop feels. You can find their site here:

The Fountain Pen

The TWSBI diamond 580-AL Rose. This pen is constructed of clear acrylic and aluminum. The aluminum in the pens case has been anodized a rose red color. TWSBI has produced many limited run colors in the past to include blue, green, orange, pink and purple. If you are in the market for a demonstrator, then you will certainly have to consider one of the several TWSBI demonstrator fountain pens.


Pen Qualities

Aesthetics: This pen is made of clear acrylic resin, with red (rose-colored) aluminum accents and piston mechanism. Filled with ink it looks really cool. One of my favorite things to do when I am bored is to watch the ink slosh around in this pen.

The Weight: At 32 grams, this pen feels great! It has enough weight to it to feel like you are holding something special, but it’s not so heavy that the pen is tiring to write with. The pen is wonderfully comfortable in the hand and definitely takes your writing experience to the next level.

Measurements: This pen measures about 5 3/4 inches when capped, and 5 1/2 inches when uncapped. It is not meant to be posted but measures at about 7 ½ inches when you post the cap to the piston turning knob.

Ink Capacity: This pen holds w substantial amount of ink; 2ml!

Nib: This pen comes with a steel nib, available in extra fine, fine, medium, broad and a 1.1mm stub.


This is a workhorse of a pen. (and a gorgeous one in the rose finish at that!) I have carried it every day for nearly a month and written through the ink chamber twice. Its piston mechanism is smooth and easy to use. Its subtle enough to carry daily in an office environment (where I currently work) but has enough personality with the demonstrator ink chamber to make an artist or writer happy.

A wonderful addition to any fountain pen collection, and a limited run that we will surely see as a coveted item at some point in the future. Get yours today at your favorite retailers while they still last…

As for me, ill keep shopping at A&D Pen Works!


What fountain pen made the biggest impact on you? Why?

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