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Trinity Pen Chest – Review

Trinity Wooden Pen Chest – Review

As a Christmas gift to myself this past year I bought this wooden toolbox for use as a pen and ink storage box. I had this box on my Amazon wishlist for more than a year and decided to take the leap and go for it. When it came in I could not wait to unbox it. It came well packaged. There was little risk, short of deliberate or accidental dropping, of this item being damaged in shipping. Regular handling and loading/unloading certainly would not damage it. I love it when a company takes the time to package Items with care.

Many of you have commented on this box, and some have requested a review. Who am I to say no, so here are my thoughts as well as a review of the Trinity Wooden Tool (pen) Chest.

Thoughts and observations

This tool/pen box is constructed of solid wood (species unknown), lined with green felt and accented with nickel plated finishes. It has eight drawers of varying depth and width to accommodate a multitude of items large and small. The coffin enclosure on the top of the box is perfect for ink bottles and samples alike. I found that it will hold an 80ml Diamine bottle upright, but not the 30ml smaller bottles.

Some comments on Amazon mentioned a chemical smell when the box arrived, I did not notice this. I did, however, clean the pox using lemon scented pledge, to protect the wood and clean any manufacturing/packaging dust/grime off of it, so I may have just not noticed it in time. Either way, a regular cleaning should be performed to ensure the box is protected for years to come.

What I like:

It’s gorgeous! The box serves not only as useful storage space but also as a beautiful backdrop for photographs and reviews!

Space – It has quite a lot of space. I keep all of my bottled inks within it, they remain protected from any UV light damage they might receive, and all of my pens not currently in use.

The Weight – You can tell when you pick this box up that it is not cheaply made. At 23 lbs, it has a bit of heft to it and I find that nice.

Accenting – The nickel plated accents are nice, and some serve a valuable purpose. The corners of this box are all protected from dings by the corner guards also nickel plated.

The Front Cabinet – The front of the box folds down to reveal a small ruler, that I have found particularly useful when completing pen reviews. It also slides into the box when not in use to prevent unwanted damage or cluttering of your workspace.

What I don’t like:

Nothing really. I haven’t found anything that I don’t like. The price at less than $100, is great for this item (I picked mine up as a lightning deal for $60). The construction is great. If I had to say something it would be that I wish the drawers were a bit deeper to allow larger notebooks, but even that isn’t really a problem.


This is probably one of the best purchases I have made in recent years. This will surely be in my family for decades to come and will keep my pen and ink collection safe from harm. I cannot recommend this Item enough.

You can pick one up on Amazon here:

How do you store your pen and ink collection?

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