Sailor Jentle Rikyu-Cha – Ink Review

Sailor Jentle Rikyu-Cha

This was my first experience with a Sailor ink. My first impressions are very positive. This ink has great flow and wonderful shading. It kept up in my flex pen and wrote with consistency in a fine nibbed pen. No premature drying on the nib or drying while the pen was capped either.

Ink Qualities

Shading – Great shading, a deep brown-green to a lighter bronze color.

Sheen – This ink has a great red/maroon sheen! It is best seen in a flex pen or in ink drips. I found that there was some mild sheening when using on Tomoe River paper.

Dry Time – This is a medium-fast drying ink. In my test, it dried in about 10 seconds on the scribble test, and under 20 on a single wet line test.

Water Resistance – A small amount of water resistance. There is a light blue permanent quality to this ink. The light blue was very unexpected. I love being surprised!

Here is how this ink compares…

When the ink is being written with, it looks like Monteverde Olivine or Noodler’s Zhivago while wet. However, when dry it is closer to R&K’s Alt-Goldgrun. Much more brown/bronze than green.

This ink is wonderful, and I found that it was full of surprises. I love the color change that takes place, and the bronze color of the ink is equally wonderful to the deep green it has while wet. The light blue after exposure to water makes me want to take it out and journal in the rain, I think the raindrops on the page, seen in light blue, would be so amazing.

What ink surprised you the most? Why?

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