Robert Oster Signature: Sublime – Ink Review

WOW! Another knockout for Robert Oster.

As I may have mentioned before I own quite a lot of Robert Oster’s inks, and the reason for that is how vibrant the color is, and how well it performs in all of my pens.  So after receiving a sample of RO Sublime, and subsequently being wowed, I jumped this ink to the top of the list!


Shading – Great Shading, Performed superbly in my Rhodia Dotpad

Sheen – No sheen

Dry Time – Writing has approximately a 40-45 second dry time while doodles and art may take up to a couple minutes.

The dry time was much better for this ink than others I had used in the past.

Water Resistance – Not water resistant, the ink pulls away from the page quickly, leaving behind streaks of a very light yellow/green.

Here is how this ink compares to other greens. It doesn’t really have a rival, but I was forced to choose, I would say Vert Pre. (Lamy Charged Green also came to mind, however it was a LE ink and is no longer available, so I have not included it)

 I find this ink superior…

Even compared to Vert Pre, in that it shades so intensely from a lime green to a light green. Very difficult to capture, however, I’ve done my best.

This ink reminds me a lot of the Lamy Charged green, I will say that the Lamy Charged green was very light and I liked it less as an everyday ink, whereas Robert Oster Sublime could easily be used as an everyday writer.

Again, I was wowed by Robert Oster Sublime. The internet photos do not do this ink justice. I love how it shades from a deep limey green to a light yellow-green. It was very nice to watch the ink dry, and see the shades of green emerge

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite Green?

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