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Robert Oster Signature Orange ink Review

The Perfect Ink for Autumn and Halloween 2017.

The ink is very bright on the page, but I did not find it harsh on the eyes.

I thoroughly enjoyed every stroke of the pen, as it lays down a very solid flow of ink. I did notice that this is a bit of a wet ink, so if your pen tends to be a wet writer(or burps during use!) that’s definitely something to be aware of.


Shading – Some. I love it when the ink pools in the corners or at the bottom of a letter and gives my writing a bit more character. You can see the shading around where I wrote Robert Oster.

Sheen – No sheen that I could discern.

Dry Time – Long. It has a 60-second (or more) dry time on Rhodia dot pad, faster on more absorbent paper. I thought this was a bit long, so I tested it again a second time, this time with a single stroke of the pen.

Water resistance – next to none. It is not waterproof and will run, so please be careful writing in the rain!

Here are comparison swabs to a few other orange inks. Some are darker, some are lighter, but this should give you an idea of where it falls in terms of usability.


All in all, I love this ink!

Robert Oster Orange reminds me of the bright orange leaves of fall. This ink performs well as a daily writer, probably not an ink for the boardroom, but if you can work with the dry time and are journaling, or note taking in class, then this might be just the ink for you. There are a lot of oranges out there that wouldn’t serve as an everyday ink. Here, I think, Robert Oster has found a winner!

How do you like orange ink? Whats your favorite?

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