Robert Oster Signature Caffe Crema – Ink Review

Robert Oster Caffe Crema

It’s cold. The brisk winter air is sharp on your face. Walking into your favorite café, you open the door to the warmth and the rich aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee. Here you are surrounded by friends and strangers taking part in the time-honored tradition of delectable enjoyment.

I love Robert Oster Caffe Crema. It is so reminiscent of its name and brings to mind the scene from above. This ink is a high shading masterpiece that is great for everyday writing.

Shade over Sheen

Shading – This ink is high shading. From a light coffee brown to a rich deep chocolate.

Sheen – Nearly none. In some of the ink drops you can see the semblance of a sheen, but don’t expect to find any in your handwriting.

Dry Time – In a dry writing pen, its about 15 seconds. I do my reviews with a Noodler’s Charlie flex nib pen, so the dry time on a wet writer is about a minute give or take 5 seconds.

Water Resistance – None. The ink lifts off the page.

Here is how this ink compares, I included a golden yellow and some reddish browns as well. I used to have some Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan that was similar, but I don’t have an ink swab of it. Either way, I prefer CC to KP.

 What are your New Year’s Ink Resolutions? What will you add to your “inkventory”?

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