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Pilot Vanishing Point – Pen Review

Pilot Vanishing Point Limited Edition Green Carbonesque

This Pen came to me from @suzi_scribbles on Instagram. She kindly sent me this pen for review and use. Those of you in pen shop dry spots, where there is no local fountain pen shop, will understand how hard it is to try new pens. There is a risk of ordering one without having tried it first, and once you have inked it and used it for a bit, it’s difficult if not impossible in some cases to return the item for a full refund. Having a friend who is willing to loan you such a pen as the green Carbonesque Vanishing Point is such an awesome blessing. So, Thank you Suzana for making this review, and my use of a new pen possible.

The Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen is arguably one of the most popular pen models available worldwide. It is one of the few retractable fountain pens available. This pen has an 18k gold nib and can be used with a number of Pilot’s converters and cartridges. This pen came with a CON-40 converter and a fine nib. One of the more unique things about this pen also featured on the Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo is the location of the clip. While writing the clip is positioned between the thumb and forefinger, and has indentations for optimal grip comfort. This feature is quite polarizing and was one of the foremost reasons why I had so many reservations about this pen.

Here in the US the black and blue carbonesque models are widely available and can be found online for prices varying from $120 to greater than$600 on some of the more ornate models. The green version of the carbonesque is a UK exclusive, and is limited to 300 non-numbered pens, and will cost approximately 190 euros or $232.00.

Pen Qualities

Aesthetics – This pen has a beautifully lacquered metal body made to mimic carbon fiber. The body of this pen has hundreds of little metal protrusions are just noticeable and provide a pleasant tactile feel. It is wonderful to the hand as well as to the eye.

Weight – The pen weighs 30 grams or 1.1 ounces. It is not too heavy, nor too light. It is comfortable for both short and long periods of writing. I enjoyed the weight of this pen so much that When writing notes and thoughts, I actually hand wrote much of this review.

Measurements – The pen is 5 3/4 inches long.

Nib spring/line variation – This pen was equipped with a Japanese fine nib. The line variation was minimal, but you can get the smallest amount of it. These pens should not be pushed for greater line variation as the risk of damaging its small nib is increased due to its size. Flex at your own risk. The nib is, however, a bit bouncy. This is attributed to its being made of 18k gold. You can definitely feel the difference between this and a steel nib.

What I like:

The writing experience. It is so smooth and nice. It really is comfortable for all durations. I understand that this is a bit subjective so if you can, I highly recommend trying one out before you purchase. If you cant, it is certainly worth the risk!

The clicky-ness. One thing I miss about ballpoints is sitting and clicking them… problem solved!

What I don’t like:

This particular model is slick and glossy. Which if your hands sweat while writing can make for a bit of a slick grip. I only noticed this once, and it was only a little bothersome. However there are matte models of the pen, and I imagine it happens less with those.

Here is how the pen compares, It’s a moderately sized pen, comfortable when placed in a shirt pocket.

 This is a pen I have admired for a long time, and to be able to try one out, specifically to be able to try out this gorgeous limited edition was such a blessing. I can definitely see why this pen is so popular, and I can also understand why the clip on this pen is so polarizing. To that end, I did not find that it bothered me. While I could feel it, it was not unpleasant, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it.

Final Thought: I love this pen and look forward to adding one to my collection soon!

Have you ever bought a pen online and found that you did not enjoy it? Why?

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