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Grey Goat Customs’ Smoke & Embers Pen Set

Smoke and Embers Custom Pen Set – Pen Review

Today, What I’ve got for you is a couple Kit pens by a local pen turner. You can find him on Instagram as @greygoatcustoms. Just a note on kit pens: they can be and have been quite polarizing writing instruments. Some people love them and own many, others would never consider buying one.

Here is what I have learned about them. A kit pen is only as good as the craftsman who is turning the material and putting it together. Each pen is unique and offers a handmade quality that cannot be reproduced by a machine. I personally own three, and they are some of my favorites.

Grey Goat Customs, is a small, single person operation in the Mid-South. Established in 2017, greygoatcustoms is a veteran owned and operated business. Check them out.

Now for the Pens – The Smoke and Embers Custom Pen Set

First impressions of this pen are great. The acrylic is smooth and beautiful. The kit is of equal quality. The clip on both pens are stiff but functional and seem to be sturdy enough for a shirt pocket or jeans pocket.

The Fountain Pen

What I like:

The acrylic is gorgeous. Offering a deep grey that transitions into a silver shimmer. It has orange yellow and red ribbons throughout. It reminded me of the Monteverde Mountains of the World: Mount Vesuvio edition. Very similar.

The Nib – I like the nib on this pen, It’s a #5 Iridium Point nib produced in Germany, and is swappable with other nibs of the same size, however, I don’t see the need, as this nib writes very smooth; not too wet, not too dry.  You can get some line variation, but I wouldn’t push it as this is by no means a flex nib.

The Grip section is small, but I find it comfortable, the threads are on the front of the section, some will love this other will not. If you grip your pen towards the front, you will find the grip slightly uncomfortable as those threads are a bit sharp.

The Pen is a cartridge converter pen and comes with a standard international converter and a couple black ink cartridges.

What I don’t like:

The weight. This pen has some heft to it, for me, it would not be a good writer for long periods of time. However, unposted, this pen is short enough that the weight doesn’t feel like its much of a problem.

The Cap. The silver cap I felt could’ve been piano black to match the ballpoint. It’s a small gripe but it stood out to me

The Ballpoint

Let me say this, that though I am not a fan of a rollerball or ballpoint pens, I truly enjoyed writing with this pen. This is a mass-produced ballpoint replacement and was fairly cheap, but that’s easy (and cheap) to upgrade to an insert of higher quality.

What I like:

The mechanism. It is smooth with no catches and gives way at the end of its twist, locking the pen’s nib in place.

The material matches the fountain pen, and again the quality of this kit pen is superb. The taper of the acrylic here is done very well, and the pen feels comfortable in the hand.

What I don’t like:

It’s not a fountain pen!  Also, the section is made of a glossy metal, which depending on how you hold the pen, it can be slick.

Here are some comparison photos.

Overall. I found these pens very pleasant to use. They were very comfortable in the hand and I enjoyed writing with them. Again, they are kit pens, but all that means is that the quality is directly correlated to the skill of the person who makes them. These pens are well made.


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  • The Economical Penster
    December 14, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    What is this pen’s price?

    • Jmaxwell
      December 31, 2017 at 1:25 pm

      I am so sorry for the late reply, the holidays had me super backed up. This set I believe is going for $100.00. You can reach him on Instagram @greygoatcustoms. Thanks for reading, and for a great question!