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Goulet Pen Co. Note Card Review

Goulet Pens Note Cards Cardinals & Evergreen

I purchased these note cards from the Goulet Pen Company in November when they had the Holiday Note Card set of 10 Evergreen and 10 Cardinals with the Clairefontaine Triomphe Small Envelopes.

These note cards are perfect for the fountain pen novice and enthusiast alike! The paper is fountain pen ink friendly. It shows off the depth of your favorite colors perfectly. If you have ordered from the Goulet Pen Company in recent months, it is likely that you have received one of these holiday cards, or their everyday counterparts. Below is the one from my most recent order. I didn’t show the back as it has information specific to my order.

I don’t have any comparison shots to show, but it is the Christmas season, and these cards are perfect to send to anyone on your Christmas card list.

No bleed through, or feathering. For my personal Christmas cards I used Monteverde Olivine in a soft-medium nib that gushed, and Diamine Red Lustre in a Kaweco Sport Medium nib that writes more like a broad. Both inks performed wonderfully.

The Diamine Red Lustre is pictured here

The Art

The art on these cards was hand drawn by the good folks at The Goulet Pen Co. It was originally drawn with Fountain Pens and Fountain Pen ink.

These cards are a unique way to express yourself as a fountain pen enthusiast to your loved ones and friends and serve as great way to introduce your non-fountain pen friends into this wonderful hobby.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my readers!

How do you usually shop for your Holiday Cards?


Disclaimer: Most of the images you see here are my own, however, the featured image courtesy of the Goulet Pen Co. To see more of their beautiful photos of the cards they offer check out their store at or their blog at

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