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Favorite Pen Accessories of 2017

My Favorite Pen Accessories of 2017

(I have it set up next to my unmade bed – for those much-needed naps between pen reviews!)

This blog post is going to be a bit different. I want to talk about some of my favorite pen accessories and why I like them so much. It is going to be less of here’s what I like and what I don’t like, and more of me just chatting away and explaining the reasons behind my decision to include them in this post. Now, this is not an exhaustive list of my pen-stuff, some things warrant their own review and may get one in time. This is just 3-4 of my recent additions.

First on the list is my Pen Box

This is a simple wooden tool box made by Trinity. It is lined with green felt and is constructed of solid wood. The felt lining makes this box ideal for the storage of resin and high gloss pens that are prone to scuffs and scratches. The deep top box was perfect for most of my ink collection. All-in-all, this box it the perfect storage unity for pens, notebooks, inks… whatever you have that needs storing. I could not be more pleased with this box. Its fit and finish make it perfectly complementary to any fountain pen collection.

(This last image I swiped from where I ordered it)

Custom made pen display block made by Grey Goat Customs.

I have reviewed Grey Goat Customs work before, and again will say this, there are craftsmen, and then there are Craftsmen. He is certainly the latter of the two. This block is constructed of solid spalted exotic hardwood (the name of the species escapes me right now, what can I say I’m a pen nerd, not a wood nerd). It has nine ½ inch pen slots drilled three inches deep. It displays my currently inked pens wonderfully and is a constant head turner in the office. There are times when I wish some of the pen slots were a bit wider in diameter to accommodate some of my heftier pens, however, this custom ordered pen block is wonderful. Thanks to Grey Goat Customs for a piece of handcrafted wood-art.


Fountain Pens of the World By Andreas Lambrou

This was a Christmas Gift from my Wife. This volume is one of my most prized pen possessions. It is deep in the rich history of brands, the history ow writing, it perfectly compliments my hobby as a resource for information as well as a constant source of education and enjoyment. It is expensive but worth every penny.

Stanley tool box

I use this little handheld Stanley toolbox to house my ink samples and other little bits and bobs. It has a bunch of compartments perfectly sized for about 9 -12 samples each. I use other compartments for ink cartridges, spare nibs, ink syringes and a couple little things of silicone grease. I saw something like this during one of my trips this year to Vanness Pens in Little Rock, AR, and decided to make one up for myself. The cool thing about these is the sections are removable, so its easily configured for whatever purpose you need it to suit!

Some Honorable Mentions Include:

J. Herbin Glass dip pen – perfect for trying out new ink!

Rickshaw Bag’s Single Pen Sleeve – the permanent and perfect home for my Pilot Custom 743 <SFM>

Aston Leather 10 Pen case – This was much needed as I travel and carry pens

Fountain Pen Day Black Leather Passport size Traveler’s Notebook – A weekly carry of mine. Used for Bible Studies and sermon notes

Midori Travelers Notebook – My Daily Carry notebook and portable brain. I’d be lost without it.


I would love to hear about some of the Pen Accessories you have come across this year and why you love them! Leave a comment below.

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  • The Economical Penster
    January 1, 2018 at 7:19 am

    That pen box is gorgeous!

    The accessory I used the most this year was a Nock Co Lookout 3-pen holster. It was pretty much perfect for my EDC needs, until I consolidated my setup even further by getting a Nock Co Seed A6 case, which holds my notebook and my pens together.

    • Jmaxwell
      January 3, 2018 at 11:43 pm

      Thanks! I use my pockets and a Midori Traveler’s Notebook for my EDC needs. Nock cases look really cool, but I am not sure how usable I would find them on a regular basis! Thanks for commenting EDP!