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Edison Nouveau Premiere: Nightfall – Pen Review

Edison Nouveau Premiere Winter 2018 Seasonal Edition – Nightfall

In every fountain pen enthusiasts journey, there is the pen that you love but would never buy for yourself. For me, it was the Edison Nouveau Premier sold by Goulet Pens. I have loved this pen since I first laid eyes on the Cappuccino edition in 2014. Each seasonal edition brings with it the thoughts of why I love it, but wouldn’t buy it because of whatever, fill in the blank. That is until the 2018 Winter edition; Nightfall. Nightfall felt very much like my Achilles heel of pens. It came on the heels of purchasing the TWSBI 580 AL Rose (review upcoming) and because of that, I couldn’t buy it because of the holidays and blah blah blah. <<<insert heartbreak here>>>

Then, in walks my Maiden in shining armor.

My wife spoils me from time to time and she decided to do just that on this occasion. So here I am 4 days before Christmas, and there is a maroon crocodile leather pen case next to my favorite chair!

I love this woman.

The Pen

Its deep grey and aquamarine striations throughout have such a wonderful depth. It is flecked with silver and in just the right lighting a bit of bronze. This pen, for me, is very reminiscent of the Visconti London Fog, but better! The colors are transfixing and mesmerizing.

I can’t stop looking at this pen!

What I like:

The acrylic is gorgeous. It’s gorgeous! I love this material.

The Shape – I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it. Usually, I go for less pointy pens, but this pen pulls off its points quite well. They add to its character.

The Nib – You cant go wrong with a No. 6 Jowo nib. It’s easily swappable. This Nib is fine and performs as expected. It’s a bit stiff, but smooth and provides a pleasant writing experience.

The Grip section is small and a bit concave, but I find it comfortable. The threads are barely noticeable on the back end of the section, I haven’t found that I feel them at all while writing.

The Pen is a cartridge-converter pen, comes with a standard international converter and can also be eyedropper converted with a bit of silicone grease.

What I don’t like:

The weight – 17 grams, this pen is lighter than I expected it to be, which was a bit disappointing as I like pens that have a good weigh to them. Of course, this is very subjective and I am sure this is the perfect weight for a lot of folks.

Overall. This is one of my favorite pens. Not just because of the personal significance – in that it was a gift from my Wife, but also because its such a joy to write with. It is currently inked with Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine. I find myself smiling as I write with it, and also as I look into the depths of the “Night”. I would recommend this pen, The Goulet Pen Co., and Edison Pen Co to anyone looking for a truly exceptional writing experience. This model is still available as of New Year’s Eve 2017, and you can pick yours up at

How do you go about choosing the right color ink for a new pen?  Do you match the ink to the pen?


Disclaimer: Most of the images you see here are my own, however, the featured image courtesy of the Goulet Pen Co. To see more of their beautiful photos, check out their store at or their blog at

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