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Announcing the “It’s Better to Give-Away”!


This giveaway is something that I have wanted to do for a while now and is based on a family tradition at my house. Each year on my birthday rather than receiving gifts from family and friends I give a gift to each family member as well as a few close friends. The lesson here (for my children primarily) is that it is better to give than it is to receive. In doing this my children have started following suit, though they still get birthday presents themselves, and It has really made a positive impact on them. I would like to extend my family tradition to all of you by doing an annual giveaway focusing on being more thankful and having more of a giving spirit.


I have partnered with some like-minded companies/organizations to bring you this wonderful giveaway!

A&D Penworx………………………..

Rickshaw Bagwaorks……………..

Frontier Pen Co…………………….. Instagram @frontierpenco

Fountain Pen Day………………….


Here are whats up for grabs:

Seven Bottles Of J.Herbin Ink provided by A&D Penworx

A Rickshaw Bags FPD2018 SOLO Pen Sleeve, Waldo Field Case and Mighty Musette bag.

Black Leather journal cover, 2 handmade sugarcane paper journals, 1 Tomoe River paper journal, BWI Pen Show pin, FPD pin, Stickers, The new unreleased 2018 FPD Bookmarks – all provided by Fountain Pen Day!

A Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Notebook in Emerald

2 lightly used Fountain Pens (inked only once for review purposes):

  1. A Lamy Safari 2017 LE Petrol with 2 custom nib Grinds provided by Alex at Frontier Pen Co (Broad Architect and a Broad “extra buttery” butter stub)
  2. A Retro 1951 Tornado Lincoln EXT. Medium Nib.

A few other little surprises from the LifeandTines ink-vault!


Rules for Entry:

This Giveaway will run from Thursday, March 1st to Sunday, March 25th. Is open worldwide.

To enter follow these simple steps!

  1. Follow each @lifeandtines @rickshawbags @adpenworx @fountainpenday @frontierpenco
  2. Like the announcement photo of the giveaway on @lifeandtines
  3. Nominate the person you would like to give these items away to, on the 1 March photo announcement on @lifeandtines Instagram feed. (you may nominate as many as you like, no limit to the number of entries)

Again this is a great opportunity for you to give away some really good fountain pen stuff to a friend! Its all about giving!

So until then; Like, Share and Comment!

If you have questions please DM @lifeandtines! Good Luck!

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